About Us

Specialist Advisors To Meet Your Specific Needs

Reemedia Consultancy is a niche specialist consultancy firm that understands the potential of a dynamic media sector to unleash economic possibilities in a rapidly changing digital world.

The firm is led by Reema Traynor, a practicing UK & Irish qualified lawyer, media strategy implementation advisor and regulatory policy expert. Reema’s expertise flows from her vast experience in industry, with a 25-year career spanning pre-publication content clearance, corporate/commercial roles, entertainment and media sustainable industry policy development, government lobbying and engagement, and media regulation.

  • Industry specialists

  • Regional & international expertise

  • Regulatory experts

  • 25+ years of experience


Policy & Strategy

We provide policy consultation services in a wide range of areas including: media regulation, public policy changes, and digital trends to help frame the debates on these issues and more.

Media and Entertainment

Our lawyers have deep industry expertise with a wealth of corporate, commercial and pre-publication advice experience


from setting up regulatory frameworks to drafting accompanying legislation, we have done it.